chicken run 2000

2 A-rated actors
1 A-rated actress
1 C-rated actor
2 D-rated actors
2 D-rated actresses
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1 C-rated director
1 D-rated director
Director ⭐⭐⭐
3 A-rated producers
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Genre: Adventure Animation Comedy
 Chicken Run 2000 film
Chicken Run is a 2000 adventure, animation and comedy film produced by David-Sproxton, Nick-Park and Peter-Lord This film has a review score of and it is on our list of must-see films because it combines a strong lead and well-known director (Nick-Park, and Peter-Lord).
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    Analysis of Cast & Crew

Benjamin Whitrow
D rated actor
David Sproxton
A rated producer
Julia Sawalha
D rated actress
Lynn Ferguson
D rated actress
Mel Gibson
A rated actor
Miranda Richardson
A rated actress
Nick Park
C rated director
Nick Park
A rated producer
Peter Lord
D rated director
Peter Lord
A rated producer
Phil Daniels
C rated actor
Timothy Spall
A rated actor
Tony Haygarth
D rated actor